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Interact with the NFL like never before

You know when you are screaming at the television because you know better? Well, now you get scored on that!

Those dreams of pinning your killer football instincts against your friends and the actual Coach have just become reality!


See if you have what it takes to be the "Couch of the Year."  

Call the play and Win!

Call the play, and if your selection either agrees with the coach or the collective opinion of the other "Couches," You win! 

Not only will you win bragging rights, but you can win Gear, Awards, Merchandise, TV Appearances, NFL Tickets, Super Bowl Tickets, and more!

You may even launch a coaching career!

Delivered Data in under 3 Milliseconds

Our data is delivered from the field to our servers in under three milliseconds giving you the knowledge and time to make your perfect selection

NFL Next Generation Statistics

We have chips on the players and in the ball. Not only do we know what is happening on the field, we also know who is doing it and where it is happening!

Brand New Dataset for Collegiate and Professional Football

For the first time in football history, we will be able to compare public opinion against what the coach executed

This is a commentator's dream. To compare what the Coach called against the collective opinion of the "Couches"

Who will be crowned the Couch of the Year?

Not only is this an exciting app for everyone to participate in, but this will ultimately determine who is the best, undiscovered Couch in America, or even the World!

Scene Device iPhone 14 Mockup.png


There is no data in our world that will show you what play was called that resulted in the reality you witnessed on the field. Well... until now. 

With our AI development, we have the ability to see exactly what happened on the field and thus determine what play was called by the Coaching staff. Not only is that cool, it is incredibly useful for anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge of the game or even their skills as a coach.


Perspective is everything, and when you can see things from a new angle, well, that becomes invaluable. 

How will you rank?


milliseconds data response




Amazing Artificial Intelligence


NFL Teams


Couch of the Year

Coming this Fall!

Are you ready to try your hand against Next Gen Statistics?

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